Social Media Analytics help you and your client understand how effectively your content is performing.

We can track Social Media Analytics for the following channels:

Instagram (business accounts only)

We cannot generate Social Media Analytics for Google My Business channels or Instagram personal accounts at this time.

Navigate to the Analytics feature for any calendar by choosing the graph button on the secondary left navigation bar:

Select the channel and date range you’d like to review and click ‘Generate Report’:

You’ll now see your social data visualized in the form of charts and graphs!

Breakdown of Reports:

1. Account Overview
The top of your report displays the selected date range, and shows you a summary of engagement for that channel.

2. Engagement Breakdown
A graph that shows you how your engagement has fluctuated over the selected date range.

3. Top Ten Posts
A list of your top ten posts from the selected date range, ranked by total engagement. Clicking on the post copy will link you to the original post on the selected social media network.

4. Page Likes Growth Trend
A graph that highlights your follower increase during the selected date range.

Need to Export Reports or Raw Data?

The ‘Export PDF’ button gives you a PDF that includes all your charts and the ‘Export XLS’ button will download a spreadsheet that shows the breakdown of all your analytics data:

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