There are times when you may need to have your internal team sign off on content before you send it to your client for review.

 HeyOrca allows you to present your social media content professionally and visually, while also streamlining your internal approval process!

Here is a brief video on HeyOrca's Approval Process.

Internal Approvals in HeyOrca

There are a few different ways to set up an efficient internal review process in HeyOrca. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios used by our customers:

  1. Using ‘Awaiting Approval’  for ‘Internal Approval’

  2. When posts have been created and populated with content, you can use our simple sharing functionality to send specific posts to a team member for review. 

  3. Once they have finished reviewing the content, they can move the posts from ‘Draft’ into ‘Awaiting Approval’ to signify that the post has been approved internally. That way, the final approval is reserved for the client!

  4. Moving the posts from ‘Draft’ to ‘Awaiting Approval’ is also a simple visual way of seeing content that is moving through the review process.

  5. Using Multi-Approval to Include Internal Stakeholders as Part of the Approval

The multi-approval function in HeyOrca already allows for multiple people to be included on an approval for individual posts. 

Generally, it is used exclusively for multiple *clients* that need to sign off on content, but it can also be used to include a combination of agency and client approvers.

Posts can be populated with content and moved to ‘Awaiting Approval’ to signify that they’re ready to be reviewed. At that point, multi-approval can be enabled. Both the agency AND client approvers can then be added.

Once the agency has “approved” the post, they can leave a comment or a post tag as well to signify that it is ready to send to clients.

Using Post Tags to Identify Posts That Are Ready for Client Review

Post Tags are a flexible feature that can be used to categorize content in many ways:

  • When content has been reviewed internally and is ready for client review, the posts can be tagged using Post Tags to identify them as ready to be sent to the client!

  • If multiple people need to sign off on content prior to it being reviewed by the client, they can each leave their own unique Post Tag as an indication that they approved the post. 

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