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Sending Content to Your Clients Pre-Approved
Sending Content to Your Clients Pre-Approved

Save time by approving your work ahead of time

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Not every client will demand the same level of oversight on the content you are building on their behalf. Some of them will want to sit back and let you do your thing - especially once you have mastered their brand! 

If the reviewal process is more of a “nice-to-have” for your client, send posts over to them pre-approved. This will allow your clients to reject posts they DON’T like, but won’t require them to approve every single post - saving the client time and making sure that your work will get published even if they don’t get around to reviewing! 

If there are particular posts that you need the client to see, you can add a post tag - like the client’s name, or “Please Review”, or @mention them in the comment section to draw attention to specific posts. 

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