To access the Content Library simply click on the book stack icon and select ‘Content’.

Creating New Posts

To get started, you can easily create a post in your Content Library by clicking the ‘Create Post’ button:

You can quickly and easily build a comprehensive content library with various post types that you can share with your team and your clients for review and approval:

Labelling Posts

In the Content Library (as well as the Monthly and Daily views) you can label posts as either ‘Ad’ or ‘Boost’ to quickly identify posts for your team and clients that will have a budget behind them:

To remove a label, simply click the same label on the dropdown menu that you added originally.

Filtering Posts

When your library begins to fill up with new posts, you can stay organized and easily find what you’re looking for by filtering based on a few options (Post Label, Channel, Stage, & Tags):

Sharing Posts 

Similar to the Monthly and Daily views, you can select specific posts that you’d like to share with your team or clients:

You can then generate a link and send it to your team members or clients for review and they’ll be able to see the posts in a simple daily view:

Scheduling Posts 

After getting approval from your clients, or if your team approves the post internally, you can easily schedule your post for publishing directly from the Content Library by selecting the agenda icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the post. This will prompt you to choose a date and time for that post to be scheduled:

By scheduling a post, it will copy that post from the Content Library to the Monthly and Daily views!

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