(Stakeholder) - How Do I Review & Approve Content on HeyOrca?

As your marketing agency builds out your social media plan and calendar, they will periodically share content with you via a shareable link. Here's a step by step walkthrough of how to review content once it's been shared with you:

Step 1) Open the shareable link and select your name to get access to your content


Step 2) Review and approve the content that's been shared with you in a "Timeline view" or "Calendar view"



As you can see from the above screenshot, in a timeline view you're able to review a post exactly how it's going to appear on the social channels themselves. You can quickly approve or reject individual posts, or approve/reject in bulk by selecting the checkbox on the top left of every post, and mass approving/rejecting posts using the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown.

You can also leave any feedback in the form of a comment below each post. To make it even easier, you can @mention your agency team members so that they are instantly notified of your comment!



The calendar view gives you a higher level view of your content strategy. You can see what your social media plan looks like week over week and month over month, with the ability to review and approve every post.


To review specific posts on the calendar, it's as easy as clicking on a particular post you would like to view (you can also hover over a post to get a preview for how it will look). That will open the post up in its own window where you can see what it will look like on the given social network. From there, you can also approve or reject the post, and leave any necessary feedback.


It is also possible to mass approve or reject posts if you would prefer to review multiple posts before approving/rejecting them. When you click on the "Select Posts" button on the top left of your screen, it will make every post on the calendar 'selectable'. You can then click which posts you would like to approve or reject all at once!

As a stakeholder you can approve or reject the content that's been created and shared with you, as well as leave comments and provide feedback on that content. The only thing you don't have permission to do is edit the content!

It's as easy as that. Have any questions? Feel free to tweet us @HeyOrca or send us an email at support@heyorca.com!