Roles & Permissions

We understand that within a marketing team, there are a number of different skill sets that play a part in the creative process. That's why we currently support 3 roles in HeyOrca with varying permissions.

Within HeyOrca we also make sure to clearly differentiate between your internal organization members and external members (clients or other external stakeholders).

HeyOrca - Roles

The Admin:

The Admin has complete access to everything within a given team. They can create, view, edit, approve, schedule, publish, and comment on all content. As an Admin, you are the only team member who can edit team settings - this involves adding and removing team members, as well as changing their roles.

The Copywriter:

The Copywriter has the ability to create, view, and edit all content. Unlike the Admin, a Copywriter cannot edit team settings and is unable to approve, schedule, or publish content without the approval of others.

The Stakeholder:

This role exists for you to be able to add any external stakeholder to your various teams in HeyOrca (without them requiring any login information). Once added to a team, they would not receive any email alert/notification of any kind. It simply sets them up to be able to review content when it is shared ith them. 

Stakeholders can only view content that is specifically shared with them, and can only approve, reject, or leave comments on that content.

For more details on how to add members to your organization and teams, check out the following articles:

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