Involving Clients & Stakeholders in the Approval Process

The stakeholder loop that allows your clients and other stakeholders to seamlessly enter HeyOrca to review and approve specific content you share with them.

How to Involve Clients & Stakeholders Easily in HeyOrca

Step 1) Add a Stakeholder to your team on the Team Settings page (this provides them with access to shared content without needing any login information)


HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 1

Step 2)
Share content with a Stakeholder via the shareable link

HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 2

You can share as many posts as you like (by clicking the checkbox at the top left of each post), share all posts in a given campaign, or share your entire calendar with your client or stakeholder.

The shareable link brings you to a client-friendly version of HeyOrca allowing anyone to review content that you've shared with them:

HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 3

Pro tip: To see what your stakeholders will see, open the shareable link in an incognito window. For an in-depth tutorial video on involving clients and external stakeholders, please check out our YouTube Video below:

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