How to Use Bulk Actions

How to be more efficient using bulk actions

Planning, creating, scheduling. All major components of the social media workflow. It's great to have an easy and visual way to do all of these things in HeyOrca, but there are times when bulk actions can make that process even more streamlined.

Making social posts beautiful is a post by post process, but there are some actions within HeyOrca that can be performed "en masse"

Bulk Actions in HeyOrca:

Content has been created. Editing is finished. Your social media calendar looks fantastic. Now you need to get those posts in to an approval queue and share them with a client.

There are a couple of different bulk actions that you can take advantage of in HeyOrca. Here are the 4 different options that are available to you:

Option 1) Sharing multiple posts

Option 2) Changing the stage of multiple posts

Option 3) Mass deleting posts (be careful with this one!)

Option 4) Copying multiple posts from one social channel (or campaign) to another


Bulk Actions in Timeline:

From the Timeline view in HeyOrca, you have the ability to select as many posts as you like by clicking on the checkbox at the top left of every post. Once you have your posts selected, you can click on the Bulk Actions button which will allow you to bulk change their stages, bulk delete, and bulk copy from one channel or campaign to another.

  Bulk Actions in Timeline 

Bulk Actions in Calendar:

From the Calendar view in HeyOrca, you can perform bulk actions by clicking the "Select Posts" button which makes every post on your content calendar 'selectable'. When you are satisfied with the posts you've selected on the calendar, you can perform all your bulk actions from the drop-down menu that appears below your "Select Posts" button.

  Bulk Actions in Calendar 

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