How to Tag Posts in HeyOrca

How to organize your content using post tagging

From both the timeline and calendar views you can organize your posts into various content buckets using post tagging.

Whether you want to identify posts with a 'TBT' tag, or isolate posts that need to be boosted with a 'BOOST' tag, you can categorize content to the benefit of both your team and your clients. To make the most of these tags, we also have a filter that lets you filter your timeline or calendar view based on specific tags.

  HeyOrca - Post Tagging 

To add a tag to a post, all you have to do is click the HeyOrca - Post Tagging Button button and you can customize any tag you want!

From there you can filter both your timeline and calendar views based on the tags you've added to posts:

  HeyOrca Post Tagging Filter 

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