How to Use Placeholders to Enhance Your Social Media Plan

Currently, HeyOrca helps you push scheduled posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly. We also provide you with a workaround to schedule your Instagram posts (which you can learn more about here).

Placeholders in HeyOrca

HeyOrca allows you to plan out your social media calendar whether or not we can push the posts to a given network.

Create a "demo account" from the team settings page for any major social network (or generic type of content) and plan out when a pin will be published, a blog post is going live, or even when you plan on hosting your next live stream on Twitch or Periscope.

HeyOrca - Social Media Plan 1


All In One Place

Develop your social media plan all in one place - for all the networks you can think of. Build out your social media calendar in the ultimate sandbox for marketing teams!

HeyOrca - Social Media Plan 2

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