How to Create Teams in HeyOrca!

In HeyOrca we allow you to create various teams to manage multiple content calendars easily and efficiently. 

Creating a team in HeyOrca in 3 simple steps:

You've signed up, you're logged in, and now you want to start planning and collaborating on awesome social media content.

Here's how to add teams to your HeyOrca account!

Step 1) Create a team by clicking on the "Add Team" button on your home screen.

  Creating teams in HeyOrca - Create Team 

Step 2) Connect the appropriate social channels from your team settings page. Click on the social channel you want to connect, and follow the prompts!

  Creating teams in HeyOrca - Connect Social Channels 

Step 3) Add team members and clients/stakeholders to your newly created team from the team settings page as well. 

  Creating teams in HeyOrca - Add Team Members and Clients/Stakeholders 

For more information on adding team members to both your organization AND to the teams you've created, check out these articles:

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How to invite External Members (or Clients) to HeyOrca

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, tweet us @HeyOrca or send us a message at!