10 Steps to Getting Started on HeyOrca!

Here are 10 steps to getting started on HeyOrca!

  1. Knowledge Base

    Reference the rest of this knowledge base for helpful step by step tutorials and other educational resources to begin planning out amazing content.

    HeyOrca - Knowledge Base

  2. Invite Team Members to HeyOrca!

    Invite team members to your organization that will be creating, editing, or reviewing content from your Organization Settings page. Learn about the different user roles they can fill.

    HeyOrca - Organization Settings

  3. Add Client Teams

    Add in client teams and connect the various social channels to those teams.

    HeyOrca - Add Team

    HeyOrca - Add Social Channel

  4. Create Great Content

    Build out an editorial calendar in a Timeline or Calendar style view.


    To add a post, simply click the blue ‘+’ button in the center of your timeline!

    HeyOrca - Timeline


    Simply click on a day that you want to add a post to and the ‘+New Post’ button will appear for you!

    HeyOrca - Calendar

  5. Enhance Your Content Calendar with Placeholders

    Learn how to use placeholders to enhance your content strategy. Plan for any channel from Pinterest to Snapchat (or even blog posts)!

    HeyOrca - Placeholders

  6. Share Content

    Create your first shareable link! Select the posts that you want to share from either the Timeline or Calendar view and generate a shareable link. Anyone with the link will be able to view content prepared for them.

    HeyOrca - Timeline Share

    HeyOrca - Calendar Share

  7. Keep Track of Post Changes

    Track changes made to your posts using the audit trail feature.

    HeyOrca - Audit Trail

  8. Export Content to Spreadsheets

    Export your content into a spreadsheet.
    The export feature caters to those stakeholders who may not yet wish to review things in a browser and are happy with keeping track of spreadsheets in a folder.

    HeyOrca - Export

    HeyOrca - Export Spreadsheet

  9. Manage Media Assets in the HeyOrca Library

    Manage social media assets in your HeyOrca library. Each client team gets its own library and you can search or filter your library by descriptions and tags.

    HeyOrca - Library

  10. Text Images to Your Library (*North America Only*)

    Text images to your library.
    Contact us and we can generate a unique number for each client team’s library - this will allow you to create an extensive and organized library of images with minimal effort!

    HeyOrca - Text Images to Your Library

Have any questions? Tweet us @HeyOrca or drop us a line at support@heyorca.com!