Our Media Library includes Instagram Story templates for you to use and to help you with branding and planning efficiently. 

The HeyOrca media library includes a dedicated space for reusable Instagram Stories templates! 🎉

As you begin to use Instagram story templates, you can pin them by selecting the three dots in the upper righthand corner directly in the media library!

Once this is complete, you will never have to search for branded content again! 🙌

Want to add text overlays, images, and GIFs to your Instagram stories?

Use the caption area at the bottom of your Instagram Stories in HeyOrca to help capture the text and stickers you’d like to display on your stories.  When you’re ready to publish any Instagram Stories from our HeyOrca mobile app, the caption is copied to your clipboard so you can simply add it to your template in Instagram!

Start getting creative with our Instagram Story templates! It's Story Time. 📚

Pro-Tip: Learn how to create all of your Instagram Stories directly in HeyOrca!

Have any questions? Tweet us @HeyOrca or send us a message any time 👌

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