Scaling operations is a high priority for many teams, and a challenge everyone is looking for some help to solve. Luckily, HeyOrca is a great way to beef up your sales pitch! 💪

Set up mock calendars with prospective client logos to show off the benefits of working with your agency:

Step 1

Create a new calendar

Step 2

Set up Demo Accounts for the main social channels your prospective client uses

Step 3 - Personalize the experience!

Add your prospective client as an External Stakeholder to the mock calendar (using a fake email!)

Step 4 - Show off what you can do!

Create mock content for your prospective client in the Content Library, or Calendar (Monthly or Daily view)!

Step 5 - Loop them in!

Share content with your prospective client from the Content Library, Calendar, or Timeline and blow them away!

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