Creating and editing Instagram posts on HeyOrca works the exact same way that it would for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn - with the ability to mock up a post exactly how it will appear on Instagram.

The only difference between Instagram and the other channels is that Instagram has a closed API that doesn’t allow for automating requests (including publishing). You can read more at the bottom of this page on the Instagram Platform Policy* - Specifically #5 

Publishing to Instagram via Email Notifications in 4 steps:

Step 1

Make sure from your team settings page that the correct person on your team is designated to receive email notifications for Instagram posts to be published:

Step 2

Create an Instagram post the same way you would for any other post in HeyOrca in either the Monthly or Daily View!

Step 3

Once a post is created, approved, and scheduled - you’ll receive an email notification 5 minutes before the scheduled time from which you: 

  • Download the media attachment to your phone 
  • Copy the caption text to your phone’s clipboard 
  • Open Instagram’s app to finish publishing (step 4 below)

Step 4

Open up the Instagram app on your phone, log in to the correct Instagram account, and publish your post!

Want to use our HeyOrca Mobile App to publish to Instagram? Check out the following article:

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