When you connect your Instagram channel in the team settings page, you’ll be required to designate one team member with publishing responsibilities, by associating their email with the channel:

You can choose to either receive notifications via email, mobile, or both, to facilitate publishing. 

Based on what you choose, you’ll receive either an email, or a push notification 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of an approved Instagram post.
(You can also use the “Publish Now” option in HeyOrca to instantly send the push notification.)

Via Mobile

*You’ll need the HeyOrca Instagram Publishing App downloaded*

After receiving the push notification, open up the HeyOrca mobile app and select “Publish Now” on the correct post that needs to go live! (don’t forget to make sure that you’re logged into the appropriate Instagram account before trying to publish)!

Clicking ‘OK’ on the above prompt will copy the text to your clipboard, download the media, and bring you into Instagram where you can then edit or publish the post.

Via Email

Open the email notification:

  • Download the media attachment to your phone 
  • Copy the caption text to your phone’s clipboard 
  • Open Instagram’s app to finish publishing

Open up the Instagram app on your phone, log in to the correct Instagram account, and publish your post!

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