It’s important to incorporate special events and projects into your social media planning strategies. With Event Strips, it’s easy to keep track of and communicate those special events and projects with clients and team members. 

Event Strips allow you to see special events and projects at a glance. You can create events on the Calendar from either the Month or Day view. 

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To create an Event Strip follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Step 2

In the popup window, you can set the name, add a description, adjust the start and end dates, and color-code the event. When you’re satisfied with your event hit “Create” to finish!

Step 3

Your event strip will appear as a colored bar above your regularly scheduled social media posts for the duration of the event.

Now you and your client can see special events, projects, and their related posts at a glance! And you can share these Event Strips with external clients too, the same way you share posts, so that your clients will have a better understanding of how your content is focused.

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