There may come a time when you need to use the same content across multiple teams.

For example:  one car dealership client likely means handling multiple locations, each with their own social channels. To keep things organized, those locations should be split up into multiple “teams” (calendars) within HeyOrca. You can then use Advanced Copy to copy that content from one team to another. 

Here’s how to copy content across multiple teams in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Select the posts you want to copy to other teams. 

Individual post Advanced Copy 

Bulk Advanced Copy:

Select the posts, open the bulk actions menu, and select ‘Advanced Copy’

Step 2

On the Advanced Copy menu, pick which team(s) you’d like to copy content over to. You can also choose to copy the stage of the post (draft, awaiting approval, approved) & any tags attached to the post:

Step 3

Finish things up by clicking Copy and your posts will now appear on those selected teams!

With your posts copied it’s time to collaborate and share - check out these guides!

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