If you need to collaborate with your team privately before sending your posts for approval to the client, or don’t want to inundate your client with email notifications between you and your team, we have good news!

HeyOrca allows you to keep communication private between you and your team members. Write your comment on the internal tab - only your internal members will be able to see

Use the Internal tab for private communication with your internal team - hidden from your clients

Use the Everyone tab to collaborate with your clients

Above, you’ll see the first comment directed at the Stakeholder will be visible to them, while the second will be hidden. 

When you select this particular post and send it over to the external stakeholder in that shareable link, here is what the above comment section will look like to them:

As you can see, the hidden comment (that had the eye with the slash) isn’t visible. Now your client won’t receive an email notification, or be able to see your communication!

Protip: Be careful :) And make sure your hidden comments are hidden right from the get-go. If you publish a public comment and then switch it to hidden later on, we already will have sent a notification email. 

Want to learn more about using the comment section in HeyOrca? Check out this awesome article:

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