After your organization members have been invited to HeyOrca and added to teams, they will be able to create, edit, and collaborate on posts according to the role they’ve been assigned!

The comments section attached to every post can be used to leave notes for one another to collaborate (in real-time!) as you build out content as a team:

To make it even easier, you can @mention team members in your comments too. They’ll receive a notification in the app and via email letting them know you've left a comment for them!

Collaborating with External Members

Want to leave a comment for an external member? By default, comments are visible internally only. To leave a comment that your external members can see, click on ‘Everyone’ before you begin writing.

Hiding, Editing, & Deleting Comments

Want to hide, edit, or delete a comment? Use the eyeball button to hide and unhide comments from your external members or the ellipses button to edit/delete a comment: 

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