Content has been prepared and is eagerly awaiting your review! Here’s how you can review, approve, and provide feedback:

To get started, you’ll receive a shareable link to the content that needs your review:

Step 1

Click the link and select your name:

Pro Tip: Received a link and don’t see your name? Click the ‘Add yourself’ button.

After you click the link you’ll be brought to either the Month view or Day view (determined in advance).

The Month view displays the social media content on a calendar, while the Day view looks more like a social media feed. 

If you’d like to change your view, simply click the toggle button.

Step 2

To check out a post, just click on the post itself! It will open up, and you can review and then approve or reject. 

If you’re on the Day view, the post will already be displayed for you. If your agency shares more than one post, scroll down to see them.

Pro Tip: Leaving feedback for your agency is a great way to collaborate on the content. Check out how to add comments at the bottom of this guide!

Bulk Approval or Rejection 

You can approve or reject posts in bulk too!

Select multiple posts by clicking the Select Posts button at the top of the calendar and then clicking on posts you’d like to approve or reject: 

Once posts are selected, you can approve or reject by using the Bulk Actions dropdown menu:

Reviewing and approving content in the Day view works the same way, however selecting posts in bulk works a little differently.

Select multiple posts by clicking the checkbox on the top left of every post (1). Once posts are selected, you can bulk approve or reject by using the Bulk Actions dropdown menu (2):

Leaving Feedback

You can leave feedback via a comment below each post. To make communication even easier, you can @mention specific team members so that they are instantly notified of your comment!

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