Every team goes through transitions from time to time: people change roles, explore other opportunities within your company, and sometimes you have to say ‘so-long’ as they find their passion outside of your organization 👋.

Removing a team member from your organization will also remove them from any teams they were a part of, and takes just 2 quick steps.

Step 1*

Hover over your avatar and click ‘Organization Settings’
*Make sure you’re an owner in the organization in HeyOrca first

Step 2

Click on 

  next to the team member who needs to be removed from HeyOrca:

Pro Tip: Not sure if you are setup as an owner? Look for the crown beside your name on the organization settings page 

If you need to add someone new to HeyOrca after the transition, check out this guide:

Inviting Your Internal Team Members to HeyOrca

Have any questions? Tweet us @HeyOrca or send us a message any time 👌 

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