Once you've created one or more teams and assigned your internal members to those teams, you may want to include some external members (clients & stakeholders).

Adding External Members to Teams

To add an External Member to a team, first head on over to the Team Settings page for the particular team you would like to add somebody to:


Step 1

Select a team on the left navigation bar and click the gear icon that appears to access the Team Settings:

Step 2 

From your team settings page you can then fill out the form under the External Users tab:

Depending on the relationship you have with your client, you can provide them with a username and password so that they can log in as an Admin or Copywriter like you, or set them up as a Stakeholder (so that they can simply review and approve content, no login required).

Important Notes about External Stakeholders

  • External Stakeholders don't receive any notification or email invitations when added to a team. 
  • They can only interact with content YOU send them via a shareable link.
  • Reviewing and approving content is easy and efficient - you can send them this handbook for a quick crash course!

Learn more about the various roles and permissions here!

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