Adding Internal Members to Teams

Step 1 

To assign an internal member to a new or existing team, hover over your avatar on the bottom of the left nav bar and access the Organization Settings page via the popup menu:

Step 2

From there, click on the 'Edit Teams' button on the far right of the member you are looking for and assign them to any team you like!

Adding External Members (Clients) to Teams

To add an External Member (i.e. a client) to a team, first head on over to the team settings page for the particular team to which you would like to add somebody

Step 1

Click on your team icon on the left nav bar and click the gear icon that pops out on the right. 

Step 2 

From your team settings page you can then fill out the form under the 'Add External Members' Tab.

HeyOrca lets you set their role as Admin, Copywriter, or Stakeholder.
Learn more about the various roles and permissions in HeyOrca here:

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